Evolve Monster Tips – How To Be The Most Brutal Beast Around

Beating four Hunters as a Monster makes for one of Evolve’s more satisfying moments. The game’s balanced enough where the Hunters and Monsters start on relatively even footing, but Monsters of course have the benefit of in-match upgrading and evolving, which, when done right, can certainly turn the match in your favour.

There’s an art to being a good Monster, just as there is to being a good team of Hunters. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetic appeal of the beasts from outer space, so here a few tips to keep you grounded and pounding those pesky do-gooder Hunters!

Consider these tips and use a good balance between quick movement, stealth and attack, depending on your play style.

Don’t Underestimate The Hunters

Rushing straight in and towards a group of Hunters in the early stages of a match is the worst possible thing you could do. Any good team of Hunters is going to be able to trap you irrespective of your level, but getting trapped early is really going to hurt you, especially if you haven’t explored and improved the Monster’s shield.

The early parts of a game should be focused on running and hiding as far away from the Hunters’ landing point as possible. Use “leap” (A/X) frequently but intelligently: spamming the skill will kill your Monster’s stamina, which can slow it down, and will also leave a lot of tracks.

Explore The Wilderness Before Attacking

As soon as a much starts, you need a good balance between movement, hiding and hunting. Firstly, move as deep into the environment as you can. Secondly, when you feel you’re far away enough from the Hunters, use the Smell ability (R/R3) to scan the area for edible wildlife.

This will give you an x-ray view of imminent wildlife, with blue represented dead, yellow being a minor threat, and red being a major threat.

Attack yellow and red wildlife by using the Sneak ability (B/Circle) and then attacking promptly (RT/R2) to kill them. Once their body turns blue, eat them (LT/L2).

Eating wildlife will increase the Monster’s shield (which increases the amount of damage it can take before being dealt permanent damage) as well as the Evolve meter. Once the Evolve meter is maxed out, you can spend points to upgrade abilities and skills.

Minimise Your Tracks And Throw Them Off Course

Once you feel you’ve created enough space between yourself and the Hunters, it’s time to throw them off-track!

Whenever you move through the world, you’ll leave tracks: blue tracks along the ground lead Hunters straight to you, while aggressively moving through the world will alert the Hunters to scared wildlife in the Monster’s vicinity.

This is where you need to create a good method of quick movement, hiding, sneaking and attacking.

Firstly, you want to get as far away from the Hunters as possible.

Secondly, you want to quickly build up your shield, and hopefully Evolve at least one level. Do this by hunting.

Thirdly, you want to throw the Hunters off track, which will hopefully give you some extra time to hunt and level up even more. Doing this by sprinting and leaping in one direction, then sneaking to another, then sprinting, sneaking, and so on.

You can to throw the hunters off course, so find a good balance. Then, once you’re powerful enough, you can sneak up on them when they least expect it!

Attack The Right Hunters

In most matches, you want to prioritise your energy on certain Hunters. In “Hunt”, for example, the Trapper and Assault classes are the two that rope you into a battle. The former traps you in an area, which allows the latter to attack with all they’ve got. Ideally, you want to focus on the Trapper here, and knock them dead as quickly as you can.

In “Rescue”, the goal is to kill survivors and not necessarily the Hunters. If the Hunters choose to hunt you down instead of rescue the survivors, let them: this will allow you to throw them off course while you head in the other direction and stream towards survivors in the distance.

In “Nest”, you can spawn a minion to help protect your eggs. Use this minion to protect one egg, and then initiate a battle with the Hunters. Here, you want to focus on Assault and Support, because they have the best means of destroying the eggs.

There’s no specific way you can approach “Defend”, but again, it depends a lot on how your Monster has evolved, what your skills are, and how confident you are in attacking the objective. Trapper and Support are going to be focused on the objective here, as will Assault, and so going for the Medic will leave the other Hunters vulnerable. Finish the Medic and Trapper and this will make their defence very weak.

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