Besiege: First Impressions

I was browsing the Early Access section the other day, like I usually do, cause it’s my thang yo. I remembered seeing Besiege on the Coming Soon list a while back so i checked the Top Selling and there it was. For only 6.99€, now that’s a bargain! But first, I need to know what game it is. So I play the trailer and all I see is explosions and destruction and blood and all the things that make a game great! For 7 euros. Yeah, I’m getting this, right here, right now. So I did. You might know how this goes, I play the game for 3-6 hours and give you an idea on what the game is about.

Besiege is a medieval physics based destruction simulator by Spiderling Studios. Goal of the game is to destroy everything by using anything you have in your inventery. You start small, maybe build a little platform, put some wheels on it and a spike at the from and ram through a house, then it gets a bit trickier cause the levels get harder and harder as you go, as it should be. In level two you have to destroy a windmill that is on a top of a small hill, so you have to make a new build, this happens every level, you have to change your build to succeed, can’t just build a one machine and kill all the things, you have to get creative when you destroy houses and kill soldiers.

It’s an early access alpha, so the majority of the content is not there yet, currently the is only one map open with 15 levels. There is a sandbox mode and a few other maps coming in future updates so content is on its way, just not yet there. The graphics look good, the explosions and destructions are really meaty, but the animation for the soldiers are a bit strange, I’m not sure if they are supposed to be like that, or if they are a placeholder.

In Besiege, you can build anything you like, if you want to build a car out of wood blocks, you can, if you want to build and airplane that drops 900 bombs on a one sheep. You can. Sounds like a cliché, but the possibilities are endless. For example. I tried everything to destroy a harp looking thing, cannons, bombs, strange flame thrower contraption, until I looked at the flight options and built a magnificent contraption that flew me and my 6 bombs right to the object and blew it up to all kinds of pieces.

Game not to be taken seriously, just a load of fun, and like so many Early Access games, the price will be so very low and offers hours and hours of fun now and in the future, remember, only one map is open 4 or 5 more are still to come. With 7 euros, that’s pretty damn good.

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