Analyzed graphics in Metro Exodus – 4K Gameplay Trailer

Metro: Exodus is the sequel Metro: Last Light, which the unfolding events in the post-apocalyptic world. The game continues the plot of the previous part, allowing the survivors to leave the post-nuclear Moscow. On the train under the name “Aurora” Artyom and his companions travel across a vast world filled with adventure and danger, to find new area suitable for life.

In contrast to the Last Light, Exodus offers players not just a corridor location, but the huge number of open locations, which are linked together by plot. Each location offers their players unique challenges, enemies, and conditions, in addition, each of them has an important impact on the plot. However, Metro is not S. T. A. L. K. E. R. so moved to locations back and forth not – Artem can only move forward in the story, so back to the old location can not.

Specialists Digital Foundry have released another video. This time they talked about the graphics of Metro: Exodus, which is set to release on February 22.

As it turned out, 4A Games has gone some tricks. For example, global illumination is implemented is not the best way and periodically remind you of past games in the series. DF also draws attention to the reflection on the water, which sometimes disappoints serious artifacts.

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However, Exodus has something to boast about. For example, the materials look great and the scratches and dents give each piece a unique look. Also good reflection on smooth surfaces and shadows falling on the water. One of the interesting findings of the DF — shade of a certain color, which are obtained after passing the light through a colored translucent object. However, ray tracing can count only owners of PC.

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Of course, there are blatant problems. So, the facial animation is poor, and the shadows from flash shots all gone. DF “crosses his fingers” and hopes that last point, 4A Games will be able to realize and achieve a stable 30 frames per second.

Owners of Xbox One X you can count on a fair resolution of 4K.


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