Everything you need to know about Fallout 76 + official trailer

Why the Fallout series has evolved from a single player RPG into an online shooter? We have evidence that more than ten years Bethesda deliberately moved the series in that direction!

After the release of the fourth part of the Fallout fans of the game series was divided into two warring camps. The first is the development of the series had in mind, the second is to put it mildly, not very. Fallout 76 translated the conflict into the format of the civil war: oldfags burn new page interesting, and probably somewhere on the Internet right at this moment prove to each other their case. Even we in the editorial GameGuru there are representatives of both the first and second camp...

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Analyzed graphics in Metro Exodus – 4K Gameplay Trailer

Metro: Exodus is the sequel Metro: Last Light, which the unfolding events in the post-apocalyptic world. The game continues the plot of the previous part, allowing the survivors to leave the post-nuclear Moscow. On the train under the name “Aurora” Artyom and his companions travel across a vast world filled with adventure and danger, to find new area suitable for life.

In contrast to the Last Light, Exodus offers players not just a corridor location, but the huge number of open locations, which are linked together by plot. Each location offers their players unique challenges, enemies, and conditions, in addition, each of them has an important impact on the plot. However, Metro is not S. T. A. L. K. E. R...

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The best co-op shooters ever

Some games are made to shine when played with others. While the competitive urge has taken over an industry obsessed with tacked-on multiplayer, the co-op shooter is still as prominent as ever. Who can forget the four-player madness of Left 4 Dead, and now its spiritual successor Evolve, a game that is pretty damn dull when played alone, but amazing when played with up to four friends.

To celebrate the release of Turtle Rock’s explosive co-op shooter, let’s go on a ride through gaming’s best cooperative shooters.

Splinter Cell Conviction

The co-op campaign in Conviction is undoubtedly one of the most under-appreciated co-op experiences in gaming history...

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Stranded Deep: First Impressions

Stranded Deep Alpha Build 0.01. I can test to that. It is indeed the very first build of the latest survival game, brought to you by 2 guys from Brisbane, Australia, Ben and Sam and their studio BEAM. Their website states that after 2 years, the game is ready to see the light of day. At least in Early Access. There are bugs a plenty. Sand sharks, disappearing rafts, I did see a flying shark at one point, he was chasing me, through the air. But this is the first build, build 0.01, I would actually be appalled If I didn’t see bugs and glitches at this point. But this is not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about my first few hours as Tom Hanks in Castaway Simulator 2015.

The opening scene is very familiar, it’s almost exactly like the scene in The Forest...

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Evolve Monster Tips – How To Be The Most Brutal Beast Around

Beating four Hunters as a Monster makes for one of Evolve’s more satisfying moments. The game’s balanced enough where the Hunters and Monsters start on relatively even footing, but Monsters of course have the benefit of in-match upgrading and evolving, which, when done right, can certainly turn the match in your favour.

There’s an art to being a good Monster, just as there is to being a good team of Hunters. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetic appeal of the beasts from outer space, so here a few tips to keep you grounded and pounding those pesky do-gooder Hunters!

Consider these tips and use a good balance between quick movement, stealth and attack, depending on your play style.

Don’t Underestimate The Hunters

Rushing straight in and towards a group of Hunters in the earl...

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Besiege: First Impressions

I was browsing the Early Access section the other day, like I usually do, cause it’s my thang yo. I remembered seeing Besiege on the Coming Soon list a while back so i checked the Top Selling and there it was. For only 6.99€, now that’s a bargain! But first, I need to know what game it is. So I play the trailer and all I see is explosions and destruction and blood and all the things that make a game great! For 7 euros. Yeah, I’m getting this, right here, right now. So I did. You might know how this goes, I play the game for 3-6 hours and give you an idea on what the game is about.

Besiege is a medieval physics based destruction simulator by Spiderling Studios. Goal of the game is to destroy everything by using anything you have in your inventery...

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Is episodic gaming here to stay?

In the last week, I’ve played through the first episode of Life is Strange and the second of Telltale’s Game of Thrones. Neither title messes with the established episodic convention too much – it has been largely accepted that adventure games, generally split into acts anyway, suit this model.

Yes, you can have issues sometimes where there’s an unnecessary gap right in the middle of a game (we’re looking at you, Broken Sword 5 and Broken Age, named so because they broke budget, broke in half, and broke some hearts in the process).

But right now, I love episodic gaming. Being able to sit down and play through a few hours once a month or two is a great way to ensure that I’ll actually finish the games, and it allows for a continued, on-going discussion...

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